Japan Rugby World Cup 2019: Fixtures, Squad, Tickets TV Coverage

Are you a follower of the Rugby World Cup? This year will be another unique edition of this tournament. With the preparation and setting, it is clear that the Rugby World Cup 2019 is totally different from the previous year’s edition.

This ninth edition of the Rugby World Cup is set to take place here in Japan, which is for the first round since its start.

While the tournament is to take place, in our soil, we expect many Japanese to come out and cheer the Japan team do great things.

Bearing this in mind, we have prepared you the information on where to buy tickets and visit the 12 stadiums or where to tune if you are considering just watching on TV.

Japan RWC 2019 Fixture

20 SeptemberJapan vs Russia19:45Tokyo Stadium
28 SeptemberJapan vs Ireland16:15Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa
5th OctoberJapan vs Samoa19:30City of Toyota Stadium
13th OctoberJapan vs Scotland19:45International Stadium Yokohama
Japan RWC Fixtures, Squads, Tickets, Live Stream

How buy Tickets for Japan Rugby World Cup game

If you are looking for the tickets, there are many ways you can land your ticket.one of the ways is buying through the internet. While there are many sites, webpages, and websites on the internet claiming that they are selling the 2019 Rugby world cup, not all of them are real. So, you need to do it cautiously not to land in the hands of conmen. To avoid such scenarios, buy your ticket through https://www.rugbyworldcup.com/tickets.

How to watch the 2019 rugby world cup in japan

If you are rugby enthusiasts, you will agree that the Rugby World Cup 2019 is a much-anticipated event waited by millions of fans across the globe. While it is no surprise, if it happens that, you can’t get the ticket, it doesn’t imply you are excluded from watching the tournament, with the fact that the tournament is here in Japan.

Here are the channels that you can tune to, and watch the tournament like your fellow fans.

Nippon TV

Nippon is our first channel that will broadcast the Rugby World Cup 2019 to Japanese. So, you are looking for the channel to watch the tournament in Japan, this is the first choice.

J Sports

The second option is the J Sports. For sure, nothing is more than streaming from J sport if you are in Japan. And with the rumor, that Japanese government is now planning to make the streaming cost as low as possible, this channel is a sure way to watch the tournament.


You can also watch the Rugby World Cup 2019 from NHK, which is an international broadcaster in Japan.

Japan RWC Squads

Kosuke HorikoshiHooker
Yusuke NiwaHooker
Atsushi SakateHooker
Asaeli Ai ValuProp
Takuma AsaharaProp
Keita InagakiProp
Koo Ji-wonProp
Masataka MikamiProp
Hiroshi YamashitaProp
Koki YamamotoProp
Samuela AniseLock
Uwe HeluLock
Isileli NakajimaLock
Wimpie van der WaltLock
Kazuki HimenoLoose forward
Michael Leitch (c)Loose forward
Masakatsu NishikawaLoose forward
Shunsuke NunomakiLoose forward
Yoshitaka TokunagaLoose forward
Hendrik TuiLoose forward
Yutaka NagareScrum-half
Kaito ShigenoScrum-half
Fumiaki TanakaScrum-half
Rikiya MatsudaFly-half
Yu TamuraFly-half
Yusuke KajimuraCentre
Timothy LafaeleCentre
Ryoto NakamuraCentre
Will TupouCentre
Ryohei YamanakaCentre
Kenki FukuokaWing
Jamie HenryWing
Kai IshiiWing
Lomano LemekiWing
Akihito YamadaWing
Amanaki LotoaheFullback
Kotaro MatsushimaFullback
Ryuji NoguchiFullback

Last Words

Japan being the host they need your motivation. Cheering them will be enough to give them motivation.

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