The 2019 edition of the Cup is going to take place in Japan dragging a whole six weeks from the 20th of September to 2nd November where the finalists will have a face-off in Yokohama, Japan. Die-hard fans will be making their way to Japan to follow the event as it happens in the various scheduled venues.

The first world rugby cup was held in 1987 and with New Zealand and Australia hosting. The ultimate and most prestigious award of the Cup, which goes to the winner, is named after William Webb Ellis, a Rugby School pupil who according to popular legend invented the game in a dramatic twist when he picked up the ball instead of kicking it in a football game giving birth to a game now loved by millions. At its start in 1987, sixteen teams were invited to participate, but from 1999 to date, only twenty teams have participated in the highly competitive sport.

In 2015, the Rugby World Cup took place again, this time in England and New Zealand, one of the only four teams that have won the cup, battled against Australia and took the cup home becoming the first team that has won the cup three times since it started.

The Rugby World Cup will telecast in different channels from all over the world. In this blog we will help you to find out live streaming of the Rugby World Cup 2019 matches from anywhere with cable TV or without cable TV. Keep reading..


2019 Rugby World Cup

Host Nation



20th September – 2nd November




Rugby World Cup Live Stream

2019 Rugby World Cup Live Stream Free

For those who might want to follow the sporting event on TV, ITV has been granted the exclusive rights to broadcast the next two World Cup event; this year’s event in Japan and the 2023 World Cup that will be held in France. Here we are going to discuss how to watch the Rugby World Cup live stream from everywhere.


Australian fans will be able to enjoy real-time games as the Japan and Australia time zones are similar. They can catch all the Rugby World Cup 2019 matches through Foxtel which struck a deal with the organizers to show the matches in all their platforms. These games can be streamed through Kayo Sports, which allows anyone with a Foxtel subscription to stream the games or if you’re already subscribed to Foxtel on TV, you can watch the games from your mobile phone through their Foxtel App which will be showing the games as well. Fans of Wallabies will also be able to view and follow all their games on Channel Ten, which was granted a license to stream all Wallabies games and most of the Finals.


TVNZ will show 12 of the 48 matches in their free to air platform only. Moreover, the 2019 Rugby World Cup will be available for streaming in their other platforms and app. They will also show the Quarterfinals, semifinal, finals, and all New Zealand matches.

RTE & Eir Sport

Irish fans also have a reason to smile as RTE and Eir Sport acquired rights to stream 14 games and 48 games respectively. Eir Sport are the primary rights holders but have given a sub-licensing right to RTE Sports to show 14 games, which include all of Ireland’s matches, the knockout stages, and the finals as well as a 16-night show of the Rugby World Cup highlights.


South Africa will be showing all Rugby World Cup 2019 games live and in real time as well as daily highlights show on how the games are proceeding and the state of the event. Fans from South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria among other African nations will require a DSTV subscription to follow these games from SuperSport.

Fiji TV

Fiji rugby fans will be able to live stream and watch all of the Rugby World Cup matches for free trough Fiji TV, which will screen all 48 rugby events including the rugby showcase and any event related to the World Cup.


ESPN SUR will stream the games and event highlights on TV for its American audiences with the USA being among the top ten biggest audiences of the sport.

J Sports TV

There will be a live draw of the sporting event that will be held in the Kyoto Guest House in Kyoto Japan and can be followed through J Sports TV- a Japanese channel. This will also be the official Japanese broadcasting channel of all the RWC 2019 games for fans in the Asian country and the whole region.


Folks from French-speaking nations will be able to follow all the 2019 Rugby World Cup events from and through TF1, which won the exclusive French streaming rights in April this year to show all the games. The French broadcasting giant accounted for about 87% of all TV viewers in the All Blacks against France final in 2011.


Japanese TV stations NHK and NTV have reached a deal to show 31 matches in their free-to-air programs, which include all Japanese games alongside the opening and final matches of the Rugby World Cup tournament. The games will be available for viewing in the Asian region that these TV stations cover.


Some of us that prefer watching from online will be able to follow the Rugby World Cup 2019 live on the various platforms available for this. Once you install or update your version of the flash player in your device, you will be able to follow all the matches at the comfort of your home. The event will be streamed live online on without a need to acquire any fancy equipment for this other than your mobile device. Moreover, one will be able to watch the RWC 2019 matches on online streaming services like Sling TV, DirecTV, Fubo TV, PlayStation Vue, beIN SPORTS and YouTube TV. All you need a strong internet connection and subscription to watch 2019 Rugby World Cup online.

Stream Rugby World Cup 2019 on Direct TV

American residents will be able to stream all the action on Direct TV Now, which is an excellent alternative to TV. And at just $40 a month, will be able to access over 60 channels and for this season, you can as well subscribe to a free trial which will be at an end just as the world cup concludes and can sign out before spending your cash and getting in most of the action. Direct TV also has a cloud DVR for recording content for when you are busy and want to catch up later.

Watch RWC 2019 on 247 TV Stream

Another excellent option to stream from is that features just over 200 sports channel including the NBC Sports Network, and all these can be accessed at a monthly subscription fee of just $6 ensuring you not only watch the Rugby World Cup live online but catch up on all the sporting action globally. They also have a 7-day refund policy insuring your cash against any risk.

Rugby World Cup 2019 Streaming on Fubo TV

For fans that come in groups or you are in possession of more than one device and want to enjoy all the action from multiple devices under one subscription, the world cup is just a click away with Fubo TV streaming services which at only $40/month, can view every single match of the world tournament from multiple devices.

Watch Rugby World Cup 2019 Live on Sling TV

At $25 or $5 depending on the desired package, you can also get a Sling TV subscription and catch all the action from Japan at the comfort of your home and from your device alongside fifty other channels. This streaming platform also offers you a chance to sync up to 3 additional devices and watch everything from different places without having to hassle over it.

Access Rugby World Cup 2019 on PlayStation Vue

PlayStation and gaming fanatics also have the Rugby World Cup brought closer to their thumbs with PlayStation Vue giving you a chance to catch up 2019 RWC live with all the action. You can sync up to five devices simultaneously and get access to other channels including movie packages and a recording option for when you cannot catch the live action. Its price is also dependent on your geo-location.

Rugby World Cup Streaming on beIN SPORTS

For fans outside the countries mentioned above or cannot access these apps due to their geographical placing, Bein Sports offers you these services in your local language if you’re in the North Africa, areas of Europe and South East Asia. You can stream the Rugby World Cup live in various languages depending on your region from Spanish, English and even Thai.

2019 Rugby World Cup Live on YouTube TV

The DVR recording feature in YouTube TV ensures you never miss any game with its unlimited storage cloud, which means you can comfortably record the whole season and watch anytime you want with an ability to let you sync and watch from up to six screens at once. All this comes at just $40/month. The 2019 Rugby World Cup live streaming will be available on YouTube TV from anywhere.

Watch Rugby World Cup 2019 on Amazon Fire TV

The smart TV developers not to be left behind in action, have Amazon Fire TV leading the charge giving you access to tens of thousands of TV channels and apps that can be downloaded and accessed at the comfort of your remote. The Rugby World Cup can as well be streamed through here and for free by simply downloading the CBS Sports HQ app. No cable and no costs to it. You will catch everything live from Japan. These TVs are also on a discounted rate currently to allow you to celebrate the big game later in the year.

RWC 2019 Stream for Apple TV and Mac Users

Apple product users will also be able to follow the tournament through their respective device apps which are all available for free download. Even if you cannot reach Japan, you will be able to access all the RWC 2019 matches from your Apple TV or Mac at no price at all.

Watch Rugby World Cup 2019 using VPN

If your cable network do not provide Rugby World Cup channels you can access the RWC matches live online using VPN services. With all this said, there are some countries which, due to Geo-restrictions and lack of TV broadcaster, will not be able to follow the tournament as it happens. For this, you can, however, use Virtual Private Networks to bypass these restrictions and access these games from virtually anywhere in the world.


Private VPN

Private VPN has a customer service that is available for an online live chat 24/7 with their tech experts ensuring you get the best service for your particular device and location. It is also largely secure ensuring your device is not exposed to any risk when watching the world cup from hackers or anyone.


Nord VPN

VPN providers like Nord VPN enable your one VPN address to service up to six devices and have over 5,000 servers worldwide ensuring you have a fast and secure connection from any location in the world. There’s a 30-day money assurance as well in case you are not satisfied with their services. Their fast connections ensure no try in the world cup is missed over a buffering problem.


Express VPN

Another great VPN provider you can use to stream the tournaments is Express VPN that has servers in over 160 countries spread across the globe ensuring a server is accessible from wherever you are in the world. It also offers you a 30-day guarantee back so you can use it to stream the World Cup live and after, decides whether you want to keep a subscription or not. Two birds, one stone!

How to Stream 2019 Rugby World Cup using VPN

  • Choose a suitable VPN address. There’s a variety of VPNs to choose from and picking one is the first step.
  • Download the latest version of the provider of choice suitable for your operating system.
  • Choose the right source to use
  • Connect your VPN to a server of your preferred location. If you want to stream through ITV, choose Britain and if through NBC, use American servers which will unblock their respective sites.
  • The last thing you do is trying streaming content from these sites. The videos should load directly without any error messages.
  • Enjoy the Rugby World Cup 2019 LIVE! 

Spectate from the Radio

Radio broadcast and live reporting of the Rugby World Cup has always been an integral part of the competition and this year is no different. You can follow this from the official Irish rugby station, World Rugby Radio, which is exclusive for Ireland residents but available for streaming online as well as BBC Radio which is available both offline and online across the world. ABC radio, through its sports program, Grandstand, will be reporting from Japan live and free for access with its commercial station Macquarie Network offering a paid access to the tournament.

Interesting facts about the Rugby World Cup 2019

  1. 1
    This year’s edition will be held in Japan in 12 venues across the country
  2. 2
    New Zealand has won the last two tournaments and might be the first hat trick in the cup’s history if they win this year.
  3. 3
    Since its inception, only Canada has received two red cards in one match. The 1995 game where they lost 20-0 to South Africa.
  4. 4
    Only four countries have ever won the tournament; New Zealand (3), England (1), South Africa (2), Australia (2)

The Hosts

Japan, who are hosting this year’s edition of the rugby cup, is currently in the 11th position of the world rugby standings and won the bid to host the cup against Italy and South Africa. They have previously appeared in the tournament eight times but have never gone past the pool stage.

Event Partners

The rugby world cup global partners include Fly Emirates, DHL, Heineken, and MasterCard among others who will have their banners and adverts displayed in the sporting grounds.

RWC Festival

Alongside the main tournament, there is a festival that usually is a collection of rugby league world cups that was first held in 2008, and though the central activity is the men’s event, it includes women, students, people in wheelchairs and servicemen in the police and military sectors.


The first phase of tickets has already been sold with fans coming from as far as Africa, Antarctica and other far-flung regions with England, Ireland and Australia fans leading the charge with the highest percentage of ticket purchases from the more than 170 nations whose citizens have made purchases. The next phase window opens on 18th May with the resale window opening on 31st May for those wishing to sell tickets to other fans.

Opening Ceremony

The RWC 2019 grand opening and much-awaited ceremony will go down on the 20th of September at the Tokyo stadium and will be followed by the opening match between the hosts Japan and Russia.


This year’s mascots are traditional Japanese mythical creatures Ren-G often depicted in pop culture as a close resemblance to lions and are said to bring happiness and ward off evil and meet the values of rugby; integrity, passion, solidarity, and discipline.

Global Trophy

In the run-up to the sporting event, the World Rugby Cup trophy does an 18 nations tour as a worldwide celebration and appreciation of rugby. It first departed from the World Rugby Hall of Fame in the Rugby town of England and will end its tour in Japan before the event begins.

Final Words

Rugby is currently among the fastest growing sports in the world with a daily growing fan base across the globe and enjoys an unmatched fan base worldwide. It is also highly competitive seeing the number of other regional tournaments for other regions that do not always participate in the Rugby World Cup 2019. You have no reason to miss the 2019 RWC live-action wherever part of the globe you may be.